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Destination Country

Buying a property in the boroughs of NYC has become one of the biggest challenges for most of my young adult clients. Buying in the city is just out of reach—Is the financial commitment to large,

will you ever be able recoup your investment? Most of my Destination Counrty clients are totally turned off by the taxing process of buying an apartment in NYC (the co-op rules, the strict financials, the stretching of the

budget)... they are choosing to abandon their city buying plans, continue renting here and buying in the country instead. The upsides? Those buyers can still build equity, take advantage of tax breaks, and likely get a lot more space for a lot less money.

I want to share a few enticing photos of captured moments in and around some of the country homes I have sold and rented.....

Come on up and find yours..... It's just around the bend, up the dirt road just next to the Llama farm.

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