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Another Happy Buyer

A Realtor's first job when working with a buyer is to listen and ask questions so we can pick the appropriate homes to look at. After going out at least once, I am usually able to hone in on what my clients are looking for. Now it's time to find the right home, negotiate and close the deal with the least amount of stress. This is the hard and challenging part but it can be great fun.

FINDING HOME: No matter what we do each home comes with it's own set of issues both plus and minus. Some of my client's can find good in every home we go to while others are so specific that it's like playing the needle in the haystack game. It's our job to bring the reality quotient back to the table.

NEGOTIATING: I always hope that both sides can be flexible. Everyone wants to think they are getting a deal, but there is no deal when people can't be flexible.

CLOSING: A good Realtor needs to address all the inspection details in a timely and efficient manner and stay in touch with the mortgage broker or bank so both sides of the deal are up to speed.

So as you can see, we wear many hats..... I hope this short piece debunks the false idea that all Realtor does is show houses.

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